One Model Nation – Totalwerks [1969-1977] (CD)


Before understanding that this is a side project of Dandy Warhols’ Taylor-Taylor, I originally thought The End Records had picked up a collection of rare tracks from the late modern period. While this is ultimately not true, One Model Nation is an act that calls back to the rich German musical tradition. This means that the band takes on Can, Kraftwerk, and even later acts like Joy Division during the disc’s 11 tracks.

I feel that the modern production does well to bolster and otherwise highlight these tracks, as one of the key drawbacks to the music that One Model Nation is based on is a tinny, unfulfilling production Russian Standard Time benefits most from this, as the arrangements here have a richness that imprints them permanently on listeners’ eardrums. By using current technology, this homage allows for a more honest and truthful representation of the German sound than would be heard on releases recorded during this period. Of particular note during Totalwerks has to be Throaty Neumann, which grows on a listener throu8gh repeated listens.

This thematic album hits on all cylinders through Universal Time, meaning that Gypsum Noggur has the minds and hearts of all listening in.  I just hope that One Model Nation can be a project that has a few recordings; I feel that there is more nuance and variation in specific facets of the German scene that can be done great justice by Taylor-Taylor. Pick this release up at your local well stocked independent music store, or at any one of many online retailers.

Top Tracks: Transmission, What Is The Plan?

Rating: 8.2/10


One Model Nation –  Totalwerks [1969-1977] (CD) / 2012 The End Records / 11 Tracks /

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