Order Up! (Playstation 3)

There is a nice knowledge curve with Order Up! that will ensure players of all ages will be able to enjoy the title. The game has additional legs because of the Playstation Move capability, which will have players emulating a number of different cooking activities.

While players will like the single player aspect of Order Up!, I feel that the multiplayer side of things is where the title truly shines. For each of the in-game activities, there is a multiplayer that will pit players either alongside or against each other. For those individuals who were familiar with the Wii version of Order Up!, the graphics have been ratcheted up considerably for the Playstation 3 version. There is also another restaurant that is included here – based on Chinese food – that will provide further replay value. Having played both version of the game, I feel that there is an additional level of polish to the Playstation 3 version. It is simply better all around; rather than just port it to the current generation of consoles, Ignition has done considerable work to make this into a completely new game.

I like the vibrant colors that are used in Order Up! – it adds a little bit of flair to an activity that would normally be on the drab side. I feel that there is considerable room for expansion on the title, meaning that there could be additions to the Order Up! franchise specifically or a similar set of activities (perhaps involving the Olympics). Even if you do not have the skill to cook an egg, Order Up! is solid enough to keep your attention for a considerable amount of time. Check the game out today.

Rating: 8.4/10

Order Up! (Playstation 3) / 2012 Ignition Entertainment / http://www.utvignition.com/

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