Pearl Future Brings The Dance Anthem For 2012 With “5150”

On May 1st,Pearl Future is releasing Play Date, a ten-track collection of material from 2009 – 2011.  “It essentially showcases the development of my sound and includes all the songs that have made some noise during the last couple years,” reveals Pearl.  Play Date includes tracks like “Lookin’ At Me” featuring Nicki Minaj, which was a Billboard Hot 100 hit. In addition, her most recent single “5150” featuring Bobby Brackins and produced by European DJ, Rico Tubbs.  “It’s about breaking out of the mold of society, even if people call you crazy,” Pearl says about the head-nodding track, which has been picked up by radio stations across America and the U.K.  The groundbreaking music on Play Date is why Pearl Future was named as one of the “Top 20 for 2012” on BBC Radio 1.

Most exciting is the release of Pearl Future’s upcoming album this fall, which is original, unheard material.  The evolutionary project can be described as a fusion of vintage Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” beginnings. “I’m going deeper into technology, using electronics in the studio and bringing bigger musical productions to life.  Expression-wise, it’s sort of romantic.”

Pearl’s passion glows on songs like the soon-to-be first single “I Can’t Get Enough of You.”  The ornamental ballad was written and produced by Pearl Future and Spencer Blair.  Armed with producers like Rico Tubbs and Super Dave, the new album will organically broaden her appeal with a fresh combo of commercial appeal and artistic integrity.  

As an independent artist, Pearl Future has been able to find her audience.  She has over 75,000 likes on Facebook and 80,000 followers on Twitter.  This summer she is embarking on a small-city nationwide tour, taking over America one venue at a time.  “When the people discover your music, they stay with you and nobody can take you out of the game.”  Pearl Future is destined to be in the game for well into the future.

About Pearl Future

A true musician, with skills ranging from songwriting and singing to engineering and producing, Pearl Future is interested in creating a unique sonic statement. Committed to exploring musical boundaries with a burning desire to bring to life the music she hears in her head, she uses technology and emotion to experiment with pop music. For the full bio click here

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