Regular Show: The Slack Pack (DVD)

Just like Spongebob Squarepants, the original premise for Regular Show would have had a home on an Adult Swim or Comedy Central. However, the show was picked up by Cartoon Network; the jokes had to be tamed down, but there is definitely a sense that the show can still speak to the 18-34 set.
The Slack Pack combines an array of random episodes from the first and second seasons (12 in all, with unforgettable episodes like Prank Callers, Rage Against the TV, and Death Punchies), and is priced under $10 at a number of online stores. There is one extra present here – a Rah-ha Ring Tone – to placate those that have watched each episode a number of times.

This DVD represents a perfect way to introduce people to the show (making it the perfect birthday or holiday present), and provides viewers with a tremendous amount of material while they wait for the remainder of season 3 to be aired. The only negative that the DVD garners is that it does not comprise all episodes in one season. I believe that this is an intentional tactic used to gage interested for releasing the full seasons; strong enough sales will make it obvious to Cartoon Network that they need to make this a reality.

Rating: 9.3/10

Regular Show: The Slack Pack (DVD) / 2012 Cartoon Network / 143 Minutes /

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