Silent Hill: Downpour (Sony Playstation 3)

Silent Hill: Downpour has been taken over by a new developing company; as a fan of the original games, I was more than a little bit concerned what changes would be made to the title. Simply, one need not worry about what Vatra has done – they have ratcheted up the creepy ambiances and have made a much more immersive title as a result.

Players take the role of Murphy Pendleton, a convict that (un)fortunately is freed after an accident on the transport bus. Pendleton finds eirself in Silent Hill, and players will gradually get to know both Pendleton and the intricacies of the city of Silent Hill. Players are given ample opportunities to further flesh out Pendleton’s character, even as they are thrown headlong into killing those that are out to kill you. One is provided with an utterly hopeless chore of staying alive; this is not a title where one can simply blow enemies up continually at distance. Rather, there is a lot of hand’s on and close combat work to be done. There is a sense that ammunition has to be conserved, and a strategy comes out that surrounds paucity.

Silent Hill: Downpour is simply the strongest addition to the Silent Hill franchise that we have seen in the last few years; I believe the inclusion of the side quests was absolutely key. These side quests, which provide players with a large amount of bonus items and unlockable areas, will further bolster the game’s replay value. Silent Hill: Downpour’s story would be great as a horror film, and the game is a must have for anyone that has been a fan of the series or wishes to give it another shot. Pick up the game today from any brick and mortar or online store – it will stay in your PS3 for months to come.

Rating: 9.3/10

Silent Hill: Downpour (Sony Playstation 3) / 2012 Konami /

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