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I personally abhor brick and mortar health stores. They provide a small selection with a substantial markup, and those that frequent these types of stores are (frankly) being ripped off. Swanson Vitamins has an online store and provides their massive product line to purchasers with countless deals.
CoQ10 (also known as ubiquinone) is a hot supplement, recently being featured on Dr. Oz. It makes sense that individuals wish to see how it fits into their overall fitness and supplement regimen. When one goes to a typical B&M health store, it would be lucky to find a bottle of CoQ10 for under $20. However, Swanson offers their own CoQ10 for under $8 for a three-plus month supply. I would suggest to add a multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement to CoQ10; these three, taken together, do a tremendous amount to increase an individual’s overall level of health.

CoQ10 provides energy through its presence in cell-level respiration, linked inexorably to the ATP pathway. While there is some problem absorbing CoQ10 by the body, Swanson’s product possesses a higher amount of bioavailability than other companies’ versions. This ensures that those who take the supplement will have higher levels of CoQ10 in-bloodstream than either those that take competitors’ versions or go completely without. While supplementing with CoQ10 is much more important for the older generations, those in the 18-49 age bracket will notice significant benefits with daily supplementation with CoQ10 Swanson offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for their supplements, cheap shipping ($4.99/order), and accepts Paypal. Make sure to visit their store the next time you need to purchase vitamins; they surpass other companies in terms of quality, price, and overall customer service.

Rating: 8.7/10

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