The Beatles – Strange Fruit: The Beatles’ Apple Records (DVD)


This is one of the most fascinating documentaries about The Beatles that I have ever seen. We kicked the film on at NeuFutur Headquarters, and had everyone stick around for the two-plus hour feature. There are so many stories and anecdotes provided by members of The Beatles’ Apple Records, and these stories do much to paint a different picture of the Fab Four than I previously held. The narration of the feature benefits from the inclusion of these interviews; I personally feel that the way that Strange Fruit is oriented makes it significantly better than other music documentaries on the market.

This is because there are first-hand stories laid down by members of Badfinger (and other Apple bands), the presence of which allows viewers to make their own connections instead of being force fed “facts” by a disembodied voice. I believe that there are more stories to be told about Apple Records and the constituent Beatles’ time in the 70s and 80s. Here’s to hoping that Chrome Dreams (and their U.S. distributor, MVD) can continue to release documentaries with the same sort of quality.

I believe the main thing that one can glean from Strange Fruit would have to be that the label was not quite as transient as it seems today – Apple Records had a tremendous talent roster during their formative years, and a great many of the titles that they released had a profound effect on how music was and would be in the decades to come. Strange Fruit is a must buy for anyone that considers themselves to be a fan of The Beatles – check it out when it drops down next month.

Rating: 9.0/10


The Beatles – Strange Fruit: The Beatles’ Apple Records (DVD) / 2012 Chrome Dreams / 162 Minutes /

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Author: James McQuiston

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