The Killing: Season 1 (DVD and Blu-Ray)

AMC has had a number of strong shows in the last few years. So many, in fact, that the network can seriously be said to have a leg up on many of the broadcast networks. Fox has captured the thirteen episodes of The Killing’s first season in glorious Blu-Ray and DVD, and has peppered a great many special features into this release. This release then is perfect for anyone that missed the original airing of the show or wants to introduce individuals to the glory that is The Killing. The first season of The Killing represents a day into the investigation of the murder of Rosie Larsen; this season is further varied into the police investigation, the fortunes and failures of the political machine in office when the crime happens, and the ongoing grieving process by Larsen’s family.

The extra features will do a great job in filling any holes in the storyline; I personally found that the audio commentaries that were laid down talk about the difficulties in bringing the show over the Atlantic, while the finale gains a few minutes and a number of lines describing how the conclusion touches upon the different tropes present in the season. There is a five-minute gag reel, along with a 13-minute collection of scenes that were originally excised from the show. I personally liked the “Autopsy of The Killing”, which is a seventeen-minute look into the differences between The Killing and other television crimes.

The price of these sets ($25 and $35 respectively, on online retailers) makes the perfect holiday or birthday gifts. Pick this set up today. Here’s to hoping that AMC can continue The Killing; it is a unique take on a much-traveled road.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Killing: Season 1 (DVD and Blu-Ray) / 2012 Fox / 587 Minutes / /

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