Ultimat Vodka (80 Proof)

Anytime that an individual goes into the liquor store, they are faced with a hard choice. With about 100 different vodka products available for sale at any one point, there are a range of tastes and qualities available. In terms of the super-premium side of things, the outlay can be substantial. Ultimat Vodka, created in Poland and distributed by the Patron Spirits Company, is the perfect blend of value and taste.

One will not forget that they are drinking vodka – each sip will take your breath away – but what results afterwards is delightful. The strong alcohol flavor retreats, providing imbibers with hints of vanilla and hazelnut. The complexity of Ultimat Vodka cannot be denied, with every session providing individuals with a considerably different blend of flavors.

I personally think that Ultimat should be sipped (in a martini) or done as a straight shot. However, I believe that the vodka has considerable traction in the mixed-drinks category. When blended with a pulpy orange juice, the Screwdriver that follows is clean, dense, and very hard hitting. Ultimat is 80 proof, but it contains a gravity to the spirit that extends through each and every session. Go to your local liquor store and pick up a bottle of Ultimat today – it is the best tasting vodka that we have had so far in 2012, and it will not put a hurting on a bank account in the same way as other super-premium spirits. Check out the Ultimat Vodka website for more information about mixed drinks and how the line will be expanded this year and beyond. It has a special place for me in my office; this will not simply be drained at a typical shindig.

Rating: 8.7/10

Ultimat Vodka (80 Proof) / http://ultimatvodka.com/ /

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  1. vodka should be tasteless and flavorless. but if its from Poland, the country that invented vodka, it’s probably solid.

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