Abita Brewing Company – Purple Haze, Jockamo IPA (Beer)


I love the fact that independent and micro-breweries have been able to move their beers to cans. The costs can decrease considerably, while the transportation of cans allows for a wider distribution than would normally be necessary. Abita Brewery is one of the companies that have moved towards the inclusion of cans, and I believe that they have succeeded in getting their name out to a wider audience than normal.

There are two reasons for this. First off, the design of the cans is sharp. The bold colors of Purple Haze and the Jocamo IPA will capture buyers’ eyes, while creating a cohesive brand identity for the brewery. The second reason for this success comes in the quality of their beer. The 2010s have been marked by breweries simply rehashing a few worn-out flavor profiles and beer styles, but Abita is boldly forging through with new takes on beer. One needs only take a sip of their Purple Haze to be hit with something utterly distinct from everything on the shelves.

I understand that Purple Haze is one of their best sellers, but the brewery is not a one-trick pony. Their Jockamo IPA shakes up what the IPA style can do. Where other breweries are pushing the bitterness limits, the Jockamo IPA is much more smooth going. I believe that this IPA may be the future of the style, just as the can may be the future of beer containers for microbreweries. Abita is at the forefront of both of these waves, and I believe that their desire to innovate will be what grants them considerable success in the years and decades to come. Pick up a sixer whenever you can make it to your well-stocked beer store.

Rating: 9.4/10

Abita Brewing Company – Purple Haze, Jockamo IPA (Beer) / http://www.abita.com/brews/

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