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Physique Enhancing Science is a newer supplement company, and this means that they are able to benefit more directly from current research than firms that have been around. This is particularly present in their Alpha-T2, a fat burning supplement. Alpha-T2 is not your average fat burner; the 1-2-3 punch of Higenamine, Rauwolscine HCl, and 3,3′-diiodo-l-thyronine is unmatched in the rest of the supplement world. Rauwolscine is a compound that kickstarts fat loss pathways without increasing overall jitteriness, while Higenamine is a beta-agonist (like clenbuterol or ephedrine). Rauwolscine is one of the few compounds that actually work on a specific body area (specifically, abdominal fat is neutralized with the inclusion of Rauwolscine). PES ensures that this beta-agonist possesses only the benefits while dropping the detriments that other members of that family contain.

The inclusion of Higenamine is important as it allows the body to burn fat, rather than catabolizing skeletal or lean muscle tissue. The 3,3′-diiodo-l-thyronine (T2) is what will cut fat off considerably without the addition of caffeine or other stimulants. This formulation works wonders; as an individual that works out a majority of the week, I noticed a considerable decrease in my overall fat content. I believe that this would happen no matter which lifestyle one has. Alpha-T2 works every time out, rather than the tendency of stimulant-containing supplements to gradually lose efficacy.

Physique Enhancing Science offers a number of different discounts on their Alpha-T2; if one picks up a 3 month package, they will get an additional bottle on top of free shipping. Check out PES’s website for more information about the specific scientific studies that merited the inclusion of these compounds, while checking out the variety of other products that the company produces.

Rating: 9.0/10

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