Anais Mitchell – Young Man in America (CD)

Anais Mitchell is one of the most exciting performers currently active in America. This is because ey fully takes up a role with Young Man in America, and does not drop the façade until after the disc’s final track, Ships, closes up. This theme album is able to succeed in any fashion, whether listeners are just able to pick up a single track, can listen on repeat, or even see Mitchell in an online format. By providing this varied set of approaches for listeners, a wider array of fans can appreciate what has been committed to disc.

The haunting melodies created during the titular track will stick with listeners; despite sitting at the mid-point between five and six minutes, Mitchell’s arrangements and melodies continually remain relevant. A shorter track, like Venus, does not suffer; Mitchell is able to say precisely what ey wishes to say no matter what sort of constraints are presents. Young Man in America succeeds because of Mitchell’s unique approach; there is no point on this title where it feels as if ey is coasting or otherwise not providing eir fans with 100%.

The production is much more tangible here than in similar albums; I believe that this hands on approach shapes the disc in this special way. Make sure to check out Mitchell’s earlier discography (particularly 2010’s Hadestown) and see Mitchell and eir Young Man band whenever they set down in a city near you. Check out the guest vocals here by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Greg Brown, and Ani DiFranco; they add considerably to what is already a dense and detailed type of track.

Top Tracks: Young Man in America, You Are Forgiven

Rating: 8.0/10

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