Bad Weather California – Sunkissed (CD)

What Bad Weather California do on Sunkissed is create a new form of music that takes on various genres, whether it be desert-rock, punk, or even jam-band styles. The 11 tracks on Sunkissed cover a wide variety of tempos, influences, and styles, but Bad Weather California is a band that is talented enough to make it all work. The band is signed to the new Akron/Family label Family Tree, and I believe that Bad Weather California’s contribution to the label’s discography is pretty impressive.

The album begins with I’ll Reach My Hand, a track that touches upon the disparate sides of the band in its four-minute runtime. This allows Bad Weather California to build a shambling behemoth with its follow-up, When You Smile. Destroying the conception of a “proper” track length, Bad Weather California speeds things up considerably with two middle-album tracks. These songs, Skate or Try and Freaks and Geeks, only comprise about 90 seconds of music. What they do for the album is much more considerable – they amp up listeners and keep them focused into the second half of the title. When the band throws out their Let It Shine, fans will eagerly devour it. The manipulation of energy on Sunkissed is amazing, and is the reason why the album ends as a resounding hit.

Sunkissed is a title that will bounce around in listeners heads long after the title has ceased to spin. Make sure to pick up a copy of the title from the band, and see whether they will be touring anywhere around you – I believe that their soul and spirit will be transferred even better on a live stage.

Top Tracks: I’ll Reach Out My Hand, Big Yellow Ball

Rating: 8.0/10

Bad Weather California – Sunkissed (CD) / 2012 Family Tree / 11 Tracks /

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