Blithe Field “Warm Blood” Vinyle 12′ / Out April 12th on Poulpe Mort Records.

Blithe Field puts forward the white voice of childhood and the misty layers of a late afternoon drawing out. The songs are brief, there’s the urgency of great dreams but also of doing well. “Warm Blood” is a collection of folding travel hymns to take away, landscapes visible to one’s eyes shut that make you wanna stretch out and stare. At the ceiling, the sky, both together. There’s the bitterness but also the sugary – and perhaps a bit ingenuous – taste of a first kiss.
This teenager -who we guess is not really a teenager anymore- is Spencer Radcliffe. After numerous releases from the labels Messy Life, Waaga… “Warm Blood” comes out April 12th on vinyl (black, pink, and clear) from the label Poulpe Mort. Ten little talismans against boredom to slide into your pocket.
Tracklist :
01 – Clasped Hands 02 – In the Moonlight 03 – Perry St. 1 04 – Mom Likes the 80’s 05 – Quincey 06 – Perry St. 2 07 – Live in Chicago 08 – Perry St. 3 09 – Andrew’s Lake 10 – Fremont and Mound
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