Force Factor Body Rush (Pre-workout)

Force Factor Body Rush / Pre-workout /

We have reviewed a number of different pre-workouts for NeuFutur. However, I believe that there has been a gauntlet thrown down by Force Factor. Their latest effort is Body Rush, a pre-workout that will provide individuals with the energy that they need to increase their weights, duration, and decrease recovery time. The formulation of Body Rush takes advantage of the latest research into the human body, while the company has been able to provide it to individuals at a price well below that of competitors. In short, it is the best pre-workout that we have reviewed.

Body Rush has a number of facets to it; whether it be to increase hydration, provide the best possible conditions for muscle growth, give individuals the energy that they need, or grant the determination to push oneself to their limit, Body Rush has it. While there are tried and true compounds like Taurine, Green Tea Extract, L-Leucine (and other amino aicds) A-AKG, and Glucose here, there are some bleeding-edge inclusions to this product. The hydration suite is full of these compounds; three distinct formulations of phosphate are here, blended with B vitamins. The 20 calories of Body Rush is incredibly small, especially when one considers that they will burn through that amount a few minutes after drinking the product.

There are three different flavors to Body Rush – Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Kiwi, and Fruit Punch. Each of these has a distinct flavor that individuals will crave, while the miscibility of the Body Rush ensures a smooth drink before every workout. For more information about Body Rush, check out the Force Factor website or their storefront on We’ll be reviewing more of their products in the months to come.

Rating: 9.5/10

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