Francis Bowie – Francis Bowie EP (CD)


There is such a narrow sound that is being fostered in electronic music, and Francis Bowie has released an EP that looks to redefine what the genre is and can be. The EP begins with Endlessly, a track that touches upon a number of electronic-influenced genres. Whether it be new wave, nineties dance, or the current electronic scene, hints of each can be heard weaved through this introductory track. While there is an agglomeration of similar-sounding bands at the top of the charts, Bowie never lets his style be dominated by anything but his own unique flair.

Wasting My Time is my favorite track on this EP because of the interactions achieved by the vocal and instrumental sides of the song. Where there is a mechanical feeling to most current music, the stark interplay between the human and the electronic makes this track a must-listen.

Francis Bowie is able to insert more of himself in the course of four tracks than many musicians can do over the course of a full album. The quality of the second half of the EP – Sunny Day and Silly and crazy – does not falter. Rather, these tracks allow listeners to hear a more vibrant side to Bowie. Taken together, these tracks provide up and coming musicians with a new framework for what pop music could (and should) be; Bowie’s EP is perfect example that one does not need to sell their soul to make music that is incredibly catchy and impactful. Make sure to pick up a copy of this EP from Bowie’s Bandcamp and see what live dates he may have in the months to come.

Top Tracks: Wasting My Time, Silly and Crazy

Rating: 8.0/10

Francis Bowie – Francis Bowie EP (CD) / 2012 Interscope Digital / /

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