Frauleins in Uniform (DVD; AKA She Devils of the SS)


Frauleins in Uniform is a 1973 skin film that focuses on the titular characters, which are German women that look to further the Nazi cause by having sex with the soldiers. These romps are not enough for these sex-starved Germans, which turn to each other’s embrace. The film itself seems to be the influence for Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, which was released a full two years after Frauleins in Uniform was put out.

Cheezy’s print of the title is the best that we have seen. While the source is nearly forty years old, the colors are strong without being washed out. In the same way, the vocal track is pretty clear and does not sound tinny or otherwise small on an audio set up. Frauleins in Uniform is a perfect popcorn flick for the guys, or for any film buff that wishes to see how the title differs from other efforts in the Nazi / sex genre. The acting by the women (Karin Heske, Renate Kasche, Elisabeth Felchner) is considerably stronger than what is turned in by current models turned actors. There seems to be a pretty solid desire by the filmmakers to create a full immersion in the film, with sets and an overall feel that one is in 1940s Germany rather than the then-current period.

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Rating: 9.1/10

Frauleins in Uniform (DVD; AKA She Devils of the SS) / 2012 Cheezy Flicks / 81 Minutes /

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