Hillsong United: Live in Miami DVD

The power of a praise concert is considerable. The electric energy that is working through the audience will be enough to inspire anyone lucky enough to watch in. Hillsong United’s latest DVD bottles that energy and provides a much larger stage for the band’s message. Couple praise with an absolutely amazing set of songs, and viewers will have a DVD that does not leave their player. The track list begins with Go, powers through to Hosanna, and segues into a nice break with Freedom Is Here / Shout Unto God. I believe the collection of tracks on the second half of the DVD are similarly strong (if not a little stronger than the first); the ending trilogy of Take It All, Yours Forever, and Take Heart emphatically end this concert.

The multi-media presentation that is Live in Miami gives the release more legs than other concert documentaries and live shows. With different spoken passages and discussions present, viewers will have to contemplate what is being said rather than just letting the disc spin on.

I believe that the Live in Miami DVD would be the perfect type of inclusion for any youth group or church, and would serve as a perfect birthday or Christmas gift to anyone that is or would be a fan. Visit the Hillsong United website to see any live tours, new articles, or tracks that the band may release. I believe that they are the most brilliant live band that I have viewed, and they are one of the few that have had the musical chops necessary to make it feel that home viewers are present with them.

Rating: 8.4/10

Hillsong United: Live in Miami DVD / 2012 Hillsong / 120 Minutes / http://www.hillsong.com

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