Lurker’s Path Now Streaming GREED & RAPACITY’S ‘Loki Bound’ In Full

Esteemed metal blog The Lurker’s Path have long been staunch supporters of Antipodean metal extremists GREED & RAPACITY since their ‘Ergreifer’ demo surfaced in 2010. Now, on the cusp of the band’s upcoming cassette release of the long-awaited ‘Loki Bound’ EP, they have once again thrown in their lot with Australia’s blackest doomed maniacs, and are currently streaming the album in full at this location:
In conspiracy with like-minded individualists Milam Records, GREED & RAPACITY will release ‘Loki Bound’ on April 9, 2012.

Dedicated to channeling and venting the worst of human nature in sonic form, and obsessed with aural depravity, with clattering and crushing performances of music as technically confounding as it is eviscerating, GREED & RAPACITY is less a band than an experience. Its two progenitors collaborate from Portland, Oregon and Sydney, Australia, and are also involved in BLEAKWOOD and AZOTH (check out an interview explaining the threads connecting the projects here).

According to The Lurker’s Path‘s assessment, “GREED & RAPACITY stands at the nexus of forward-thinking black metal, funeral doom and ritual black ambient. ‘Loki Bound’ is a lesson in how to construct and execute extreme metal in the most organic sense of the word…Combining the somnambulism of better dark ambient acts together with the occult sensibilities of higher echelon black metal outfits like Deathspell Omega has paid off no end on this EP…A sea of sickened growls, whispers and burrowing voice manipulation hides just beneath the morass of ‘Loki Bound,’ weaving a heavy robe of occult texture. GREED & RAPACITY wear this shadowy veil with pride, and rightly so, the music on display represents a band maturing beyond their contemporaries.”

Loki is the Norse god of chaos. Bound by his fellows for crimes real and imagined, rotting, burning up in the inexorable drip of the serpent’s venom. Humanity’s most potent, most primal instincts personified, then bent against themselves, pent into an apocalyptic tide of hatred, paranoia, resentment, and spite. The mythic embodiment of (self)righteous disgust. It’s only fitting to invoke his name on such an otherworldly slab of pure sonic mayhem. ‘Loki Bound’ is a one track, 33-minute doom metal plunge into ravening insanity. Animalistic shrieks and grunts, mind-breaking time signatures, and oppressive layers of down-tuned guitars invoke total chaos and suffering while lurching bass, pummeling drums, and eerie choirs drag the listener, struggling but helpless, into the eye of Loki’s captive fury.
According to the band themselves, “This release is an expression of the most utterly depraved – and therefore most profoundly human – archetypal force that exists. ‘Loki Bound’ is akin to an irresolvable, all-consuming existential crisis, a nadir without end.”
Come April 9th, 2012, the cassette edition (with digital download) of ‘Loki Bound’ will be available through:


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