Marvel Animated Features 3-Movie Collection (Blu-Ray)

Lionsgate has included three features in this movie pack: Doctor Strange, The Invincible Iron Man, and Planet Hulk. These releases are as clean and as sharp as they were in their original releases, but they have been bundled into a Blu-Ray pack for a cheaper price ($19.99, but can be found cheaper on online retailers). These movies showcase both the larger and smaller characters in the Marvel Universe. While everyone knows who the Hulk is, I would venture that the amount of individuals that have any clue who Doctor Strange is is substantially smaller. Taken together, I would say that The Invincible Iron Man is the best flick here. The ramifications of the different era of Iron Man will have viewers wonder about the intricacies of space-time.

The Ultimate Avengers Movie Collection contains the first two Ultimate Avengers films and bundles the Next Avengers title as a bonus feature. I personally liked the Next Avengers film, as it is able to provide some valuable air time to characters that would not normally get it. The voice acting in the Next Avengers film feels strong; I believe that the voices that are issuing from these animations would be how they actually talk.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Marvel Animated Features 3-Movie Collection and the Ultimate Avengers Movie Collection whenever you can spare a few bucks; their value price means that you get a hell of a bang for your buck. These characters have never looked so good; here’s to hoping that Lionsgate and Marvel can dig further back into their archives and pull out some features that never made it onto VHS or DVD formats.

Rating: 8.0/10

Marvel Animated Features 3-Movie Collection (Blu-Ray) | Ultimate Avengers Movie Collection / 2012 Lionsgate / 139 Minutes | 110 Minutes /

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