Mobile Keys 49 (Keyboard Controller)

There is no reason why one’s i-product (either iPhone or iPad) could not be used as emulation software for a keyboard controller. Line 6, in their continued pursuit of creating an utterly perfect experience for those with mobile devices, have released the Mobile Keys 49. This keyboard controller is made with very sturdy materials; players will be able to hammer a beat just as if they were on a full-sized synth. The functionality afforded purchasers by the Mobile Keys 49 is substantial, with full integration on GarageBand, Logic, and Reason, with other products of that ilk supported.

One can ratchet up the sensitivity of the keys or change the pitch. I personally liked the addition of the shift function, which allows owners to change the keyboard’s variety of programs and even mess with the transpose options. I liked the programmable aspect of the Mobile Keys 49 for this reason; musicians will be able to customize this controller to their liking without any difficulty.

With expansion jacks for different pedals and connections to both USB and mobile present, one can get a full rig experience with little more than the Mobile Keys 49. For those that are limited in terms of overall room, the keyboard is small (32 inches) long. The keys are sufficiently large that one will not feel cramped or otherwise hindered by this smaller size. If you would like to purchase a keyboard controller without breaking your budget, make it a point to test out and buy the Mobile Keys 49. Its $!99.99 price will not break any budgets, while its ease in expansion ensures that  it will remain a part of your set up for a number of years. Check out the Line 6 site for more information about their 2012 slate.

Rating: 9.2/10

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