Oleg Prodeus – The 13 (CD)

Oleg Prodeus continually innovates and inspires on The 13; this dense and diverse album works at a variety of levels. While individual tracks showcase Prodeus’ songwriting and arrangement capacities, I believe the album enjoys a cohesion that few titles ever reach.

Savior begins The 13; this track unites a rich electronic-infused arrangement with darkly emotive vocals. The track recalls Muse and even Tool in sheer complexity. Can You Feel The Rain possesses a decidedly different styling than Savior; this hook-laden track will delight any fan of early Pet Shop Boys, New Order, and Depeche Mode. Last Hero in This Universe marks a third path for Oleg Prodeus, as the guitar / drum dynamic gives the track a Nine Inch Nails meets Ministry feel. Do You Know The Way is perhaps the catchiest track on The 13, and will immediately impact listeners through emotional outpourings and soaring arrangements.

Later-album tracks like Return to Begin and When You Cry further solidify Oleg Prodeus as a master of his domain. Where the tendency in music is to place weaker tracks towards the end of one’s album, Return to Begin easily hangs with the beginning cuts on The 13. When You Cry is a masterpiece, as Oleg is able to match flawlessly the vocal and instrumental sides. What were two distinct elements are transformed into a unified effort; listeners will leave the disc utterly transformed. Pick up a copy of The 13 and Prodeus’ previous titles (1997’s To The Sky and 2000’s Collective Farm). I believe it will only be a matter of time before he gets the fame he deserves in the United States.

Top Tracks: Can You Feel The Rain, I Hear You Calling

Rating: 8.3/10

Oleg Prodeus – The 13 / 2012 Self / 13 Tracks / http://www.olegprodeus.com/

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