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It is hard for an individual to move from the all-in-one vitamins to the supplements that they actually need;  a company like Paradise Herbs has tens of different products in stock. For those uninitiated, L-Carnosine is a neuropeptide that both decreases the amount of oxidative stress as well as protects the body from aging. There is also early evidence that properly supplementing with L-Carnosine will decrease some of the damage done to the body by long-term drinking. No matter what level of activity or overall lifestyle one has, there is considerable benefits to be had with daily supplementation of L-Carnosine.

Paradise Herbs’ L-Carnosine is one of the best products that we’ve reviewed. L-Carnosine can benefit vegetarians as well; there has been research done that shows that a typical vegetarian diet is lacking in carnosine. Using vegetarian capsules will make it even easier for even the most rigorous vegetarian to find a spot in their medicine cabinet for L-Carnosine . Make sure to read about L-Carnosine and its effects on the human body; I feel that supplementation is necessary. Paradise Herbs has a stellar product on their hands, ensuring that each dose will keep carnosine levels high. Check out the Paradise Herbs website for listings about the stores that carry the product; we were able to find three different locations within a short distance drive from NeuFutur headquarters.

Rating: 9.0/10


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