PreSurge Unleashed – Citrus Ice (Pre-workout)


We reviewed PreSurge Unleashed last year, but were provided with a bottle of their Citrus Ice. I believe that this allows us to have a better appreciation for what this pre-workout can do, especially since we have covered a number of similar products in the interim. The amount of energy that is provided by the PreSurge Unleashed is substantial, but at no point does this energy transfer into jitteriness or other discomfort. Rather, the compounds here will ensure long-term energy, and the Creapure allows for muscle building no matter what sort of activities that one involves themselves in.

The Russian Tarragon Extract allows for this generation to exist without additional carbs provided in the drink. Both straight caffeine and NO pathways are involved when one drinks their PreSurge Unleashed, while the Neuravena / L-theanine combination will clear one’s mind and allow them to put a full effort towards completing their workout. To speak slightly more about the increase in NO that individuals will experience, Glycocarn and icariin establish bigger pumps and clearer definition.

I believe that the Citrus Ice flavor is amazing, blending the best part of oranges and lemons with a little warmth (despite what the “Ice” in the title may imply). In fact, the Citrus Ice is a flavor that will have individuals coming back for more, rather than being gag-inducing in the way that other products tend to be. Make sure to make a suite of PreSurge Unleashed with the other Athletic Edge products – I believe that a purchase of IntrAbolic and IntraXCell will work perfectly in providing one with the gains that they desire without hitting their wallet. Take a look on their website for more information about their product lineup.

Rating: 9.6/10


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