Rajendra Teredesai – Divine Dimension: Bansuri Flute Meditations (CD)

Rajendra Teredesai’s Divine Dimension begins with Antar Naad (Call Within), a track that sets the stage for the different approaches and styles that are presented during the album’s runtime. Teredesai plays the bansuri (a type of bamboo flute), and creates compositions that provide listeners with a considerable amount of instrumental narration. Each of the compositions stretches out over a six-plus minute runtime, allowing Teredesai ample opportunity to expand on arrangements or otherwise capture the minds of listeners.

Paramatma (Source of the Universe) is one of the strongest efforts on Divine Dimension, as the inclusion of a greater amount of elements (many atmospheric) creates a darker, more natural feel to the track. Asamkhya Kalpa (From Infinite to Infinity) is the final track on Divine Dimension, and is a rare case in which the artist continues to innovate even as the disc is drawing to a close. The wind-swept arrangements keep the track lighter, but distinct movements provide a more varied and always positive experience. Vedanta (Infinite Knowledge) is an ethereal, other-worldly type of track. From its onset, the track will break listeners free of their preconceived notions and place them in an entirely new mindset. Always shifting and changing, the flute lines that adorn Vedanta keeps the disc’s momentum high and listeners firmly focused on the title.

Diving Dimension is the perfect disc to place on whenever one wants to center themselves, or is working on tasks that require a fair bit of concentration. Teredesai is a master of the bansuri, and Real Music has provided a great service in making his music readily available for American audiences. Check out their website for information regarding their 2012 slate of releases.

Top Tracks: Antar Naad, Param Gyan Rahasya

Rating: 8.6/10

Rajendra Teredesai – Divine Dimension: Bansuri Flute Meditations (CD) / 2012 Real Music / 10 Tracks / http://www.realmusic.com

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