Ravens & Chimes – Holiday Life (CD)

New York City has always been a hot spot for music, but its’ allure has faded ever so slightly with the prominence of other cities and countries in the last decade. Ravens & Chimes look to restore that luster to the Big Apple with their new title, Holiday Life. Holiday Life begins with Division Street, a track that captures the different tacks taken by the band throughout each of the album’s 10 cuts. Cutting out a slight bit after the three minute mark, Ravens & Chimes are able to capitalize on the momentum garnered by this introductory salvo with their The Parting Glass.

The Parting Glass is a rock track that possesses a much dense and diverse sound to it than one would expect; I found myself picking up new bits and pieces with each subsequent listen. Ravens & Chimes establish themselves as an album-oriented band; while songs like Past Lives or Hearts of Palm could easily make it onto college radio, I feel that one will understand the band better if they can devote the time to the full Holiday Life experience. Late-disc tracks, such as Fox Gloves and Arrow, do not fall into the trap of rehashing old material.

Rather, Fox Gloves is a great track for listeners as it provides them with some semblance of where the band may ultimately go on subsequent recordings. Pick up a copy of Holiday Life today, to see what a solid act can do given ample time; make it a point to see the band whenever they may make a stop around your neck of the woods.

Top Tracks: The Parting Glass, Clarissa Explains It All

Rating: 8.2/10

Ravens & Chimes – Holiday Life (CD) / 2012 Better Looking Records / 10 Tracks / http://ravensandchimes.com/ / http://www.betterlookingrecords.com/

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