Roadracers (Blu-Ray)


I love the fact that Blu-Ray discs are decreasing in price. When the format first was released, individuals were hard pressed to find a title under $30. Now, preorders for a title like Roadracers can be found for under $10. This is particularly amazing given the work that Echo Bridge has done to this title. The sharpness of the print here is equivalent to what would be presented at a movie theater, while the film itself is a rare bit of cinema.

This Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Machete) directed film was originally aired on television, and was framed in a way reminiscent of 1950s b-movies. This title represents the first United States-based film for Selma Hayek, as well as an early role for David Arquette. Then-veteran actors like John Hawkes (Future-Kill, Freaked) and William Sadler (Hanky Panky, Project X) filled out this cast. Despite being a low-budget film, Roadracers is tremendously interesting. The title itself focuses on Arquette’s turn as Dude Delaney, a greaser that wants to leave eir sleepy town and become a rockabilly star. Struggling against the rule of the local sheriff, viewers will wonder whether Delaney can reach eir goals or will just end up locked up or dead by the end of the film. Ending briskly at the hour and a half mark, Roadracers is the perfect cult film; visually stark, strongly acted, and fun to watch.

Here’s to hoping that Echo Bridge can continue to release these nearly-forgotten films. With the amount of care that was taken in transferring this to the Blu-Ray format, I can only imagine that this will be flying off shelves. Make sure to pick up a copy at your local brick and mortar store before they sell out.

Rating: 8.0/10

Roadracers (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Echo Bridge Home Entertainment / 94 Minutes /

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