Stags (DVD)

Bachelor comedies tread ground that has been beaten by a considerable amount of films. For a title in this genre to attract attention, it has to be good. Stags is one of the few comedies that have been released in the last ten years that changes up this stagnant genre, and does so through a number of distinct changes to the norm. Of the main import has to be the quality of the cast; Benim Foster, Jesse Joyce, Mark Giordano, and Nikki Coble make this into a title that stands up to repeat viewings. Stags also is stronger than typical titles in this genre because it is able to blend proper amounts of man comedy with romantic comedies; men and women can make a night of the film rather than reluctantly agree to see it with their better half.

I believe that this film will be appreciated by a wide swath of potential viewers as it either describes a current life or a life that may happen in 10, 15, or 20 years. The everyman nature of Stags allows for this; everyone has a group of friends that just has not grown up, while possessing the desire to slow down and have a stable family life. It is difficult to reconcile each of these competing interests, and Stags is a title that captures this perfectly.

Monarch has a solid video transfer to Stags that is easily equate-able to a silver screen experience. This continues to the audio track, which ensures that viewers will not miss a single utterance. Make sure to check out their website for a listing of the different films that they will be releasing in 2012. Their slate is strong; pick up a copy of Stags from a retailer today.

Rating: 8.0/10

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