Strongman Multivitamin

There are a number of companies that are looking to come forth with the end-all vitamin complex. However, Fusion Bodybuilding is one of the only companies that we will purchase our multi-vitamins through. This is because the company has covered all bases with their Strongman product. This vitamin pack contains a full complement of vitamins (A, D3, and the B complex), along with Biotin and Folate.

The presence of Inositol and Choline to the mix will ensure that this multi-vitamin will do more than others on the market. Both compounds have been linked to considerable weight loss, and this effect is helped through the presence of Bioperine, a black pepper extract. For those that have a greater risk for bone density loss, Calcium is also contained at the 600 mg / pack mark. The Strongman vitamins are different in their form as well; their unique bullet design allows them to be broken down by the stomach to allow for a more effective dosing than off the shelf vitamins.

For those that are in a hurry, the Strongman pack is portioned out for each day. The price of Strongman (about $47 from online retailers) for a month ensures that one will be in peak physical shape while cutting down on some of the excess weight that has accumulated over the course of the winter. Make sure to check out the Fusion Bodybuilding website, as they have a number of other products to properly supplement individuals. The Fusion website is also a great resource to understand precisely what each of the elements here do; there are full paragraph descriptions of how these elements benefit the human body.

Rating: 9.3/10

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