The Veteran (DVD)

The Veteran is a taut thriller that showcases the lengths that governments will go in using those that were brave enough to serve in the military. After coming back from Afghanistan, Miller (Toby Kebbell) has to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Rather than just take a normal civilian job, ey comes into a position where ey determines whether individuals are terrorists. After one of the individuals that ey is tapped to follow becomes involved with an innocent (Alayna), Miller is forced to use all of eir military training to make things right.

The problem does not stop there, and it seems as if this issue goes up the chain of command; whether Miller will ultimately be able to save Alayna or will die trying is the focal point of the film. The sets make for a gritty, realistic feel to The Veteran, while the actors all turn in solid performances. Inception Media has a solid print of The Veteran, ensuring that those who purchase the DVD will be able to have a movie theater-like experience when they purchase this disc.

I believe that The Veteran has legs for a few sequels; there is no reason why Miller’s exploits should not take eir around the world. Perhaps what is present during The Veteran could be a jumping-off point for a more contemporary and realistic James Bond. Pick up a copy of The Veteran at your local well-stocked movie store or find a copy of it on a wide variety of different online retailers. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9.0/10

The Veteran (DVD) / 2012 Inception Media Group / 99 Minutes /

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