Trinity Goodheart (DVD)


Trinity Goodheart is a touching story that is able to bridge the gap between realism and fantasy perfectly. The titular character is on a mission from God; when given a locket that eir mom originally owned, Trinity understands what ey must do. The sheer forces that stack up against this 12 year old are substantial, but it is through eir faith that the title comes to a resolution. The film is incredibly touching and will affirm anyone’s faith, whether in themselves or in some sort of greater power. A happy ending is had by all; Trinity is able to see eir family become a cohesive unit again.

Image Entertainment is releasing this film, and has provided viewers with a sharp print of the title. The audio is similarly strong, ensuring that viewers will not miss a single line of dialogue. The cast consists of a number of up and coming actors, which give it their all. Eric Benet heads up this film as Jeremy, but I believe that Erica Gluck (Brittany from The Game) will have a lengthy career ahead of eir. Additional mention needs to be made of Jennifer van Horn’s (from TV’s Savannah) time as Melinda.

I believe that this film would be a good showing on a family movie night or for larger discussion in a youth group or church-based club. While the premise of the film – child has to get parents back together – has been done before, I believe that Trinity Goodheart does it in a considerably different way than has been shown before. Kudos to Joanne Hock for directing this title and Image for releasing it!

Rating: 8.6/10

Trinity Goodheart (DVD) / 2012 Image Entertainment / 80 Minutes /

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