Where Have All The Heroes Gone

Over the years, there have been cases of people being harmed, violated and robbed in public, with no one willing to stand up and help, as spectators watch these situations unfold, and offer no assistance. The most recent case took place in Baltimore, Maryland, where a crowd beat, stripped and robbed a tourist on St. Patrick’s Day with spectators watching and laughing as the event took place. Displaying the type of antagonistic behavior you would expect to see written into a Hollywood film, or television series, but not in a real life situation.

Kathryn Raaker is available to address the following questions,

  • Is human depravity on the rise in America?
  • Are social responsibilities a thing of the past?
  • Should spectators be held accountable for not interceding on behalf of a victim?
  • Can these types of incidents be prevented?
  • Is the violence portrayed in TV and Cinema affecting the way people act?

Meet Kathryn Raaker:

  • Host and Executive Producer of two television shows: The Chef You and IBorn B 4 64, on the W4CY.com
  • Host of the Syndicated “Let’s Just Talk Show” that airs Saturday Morning on W4CY.com and featured on KFNX 1100 AM
  • Member of the Women in Film and Video, Washington, DC Chapter
  • CEO of Tri-State Connection, LLC, a global multi-media and Public Relations Company Consultant for Product Placement and Brand Management
  • Founder of the Professional Referral Organization
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