Xenia Dunford & the Eastern Exile – Lonely Streets EP (CD)


Xenia Dunford & the Eastern Exile create on the Lonely Streets EP a title that touches upon pop, country, and strong female singer-songwriters. Best I’ve Ever Had has a catchy melody that works its way deep into the psyche of listeners. The energy exhibited here is simply infectious, and this will bring in a bevy of listeners. Don’t Forget Me slows things down as it begins with little more than an acoustic guitar. As Dunford’s vocals kick in, the track is given a solid push. What will strike listeners during Don’t Forget Me is Dunford’s sheer authority in her frontwoman role.

The introduction to Every Now & Again immediately takes on a Beatles-esque mantle, which is further bolstered through the weaving in of a Santana style of guitar. High and Dry allows Dunford an ample opportunity to act both as a vocal narrator and as an additional instrument; the band’s drums and guitar are bolstered by the rising and falling of here vocals. I like The Only One; Dunford’s vocals come forth as utterly unique as the band offers a twinkling backdrop. The eclectic style of Xenia Dunford & the Eastern Exile on the Lonely Streets EP is something that is executed brilliantly; listeners simply will not know what to expect at each track’s onset.

The Lonely Streets EP is one of the few that provides listeners with a full idea of what to expect from a band; I feel that each track here touches upon a decidedly different facet than the last. Make sure to purchase a copy of the EP from the band and see them live.

Top Tracks: Best I’ve Ever Had, Every Now & Again

Rating: 8.3/10


Xenia Dunford & the Eastern Exile – Lonely Streets EP (CD) / 2012 Self / 5 Tracks / http://xeniadunford.bandcamp.com/album/lonely-streets-ep /

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