Maga Bo Quilombo do Futuro ​Remixed

Artist:  Maga Bo
Title:  Quilombo do Futuro Remixed
Label Name:  Post World Industries
Format:  2XLP/MP3
Item Number:  PWI106
UPC:  711623730617
Quilombo do Futuro Remixed (Full Album LP/MP3) May 29, 2012

Side A  1)  Tempos Insanos feat. BNegão – Frikstailers Remix  2)  Xororô feat. Russo Passapusso – Uproot Andy Remix  3)  Maga Traz a Lenha feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Subatomic Sound System Remix  Side B  1)  Piloto de Fuga feat. Funkero – Stereotyp Remix  2)  Piloto de Fuga feat. Funkero and BNegão – El Remolon Remix  3)  É da Nossa Cor feat. Mestre Camaleão – Sabo Remix  Side C 1)  Rapinbolada – Dr. Das Remix  2)  No Balanço da Canoa – Process Rebel Remix  3)  Immigrant Visa Part II feat. MC Zulu – Dub Gabriel Remix  4)  Maga Traz a Lenha feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Digitaldubs Remix  Side D 1)  Immigrant Visa Part II feat. MC Zulu – Stank Remix  2)  Eu Vim de Longe feat. Rosângela Macedo – Poirier Remix  3)  Kizomba – Batida Remix feat. Sacerdote

For Quilombo do Futuro Remixed, Maga Bo called upon the talents of a select team of top notch producers haling from several different continents.  The original tracks united the organic subtleties of the Afro-Brazilian rhythms coco, maculelê, samba, gong and capoeira with the punchy, powerful, electronic based sounds of dub, raga, hip hop and dubstep.  Batucada and bass, mids, treble.  TUDO.  The remixes take the tracks even further….

Frikstailers deliver a monster digital cumbia remix.  Uproot Andy comes with a crunk, bullerengue samba reggae.  Subatomic Sound System brings a hypnotic dub rework.  Stereotyp’s remix is spooky, frantic burst of barefoot energy.  El Remolon takes baile funk into trance cumbia dub territory.  Sabo brings a sunny, uplifting vibe for the dance floor.  Dr. Das injects noise and grit with a deep, deep bassline.  Process Rebel treats coco to warm distortion and spacious reverb.  Dub Gabriel offsets hard, one-drop dub and samba with political commentary on immigration.  Digitaldubs drops a raw, dirty bass and rapid-fire funk programming.  DJ Dolores’ new project Stank, comes with a dubbed out samba reggae.  Poirier goes deep on his tranced out jongo rework.  Batida connects the dots between samba and kuduro with vocals straight from Angolan MC Sacerdote.

A quilombo was an autonomous, fugitive settlement founded by ex-slaves and others in colonial brazil.  The Quilombo do Futuro is more than a possible physical space.  It is a potential world-wide agglomeration of cultural resistance.  After centuries of wealth generated by an economy built on slavery (and the subsequent post-abolition adaptations), the Quilombo do Futuro is a break from this legacy.  Fortified by an international community based on plurality, inclusive democracy and direct communication, cultural resistance is paramount in creating a sustainable, healthy existence in the face of world-wide corporate domination.

Born in the United States and based in Rio de Janeiro since 1999, Maga Bo has collaborated with Mulatu Astatke, Issa Bagayogo, Bollywood star Shilpa Rao, BaianaSystem as well as releasing critically acclaimed remixes for Poirier, Luisa Maita, Filastine, Blick Bassy and Bomba Estéreo.  His music and remixes have been released on Tru-Thoughts, Ninja Tune, Cumbancha, Dutty Artz, World Connection and many others.  Among his many international tours, he has performed at the Sydney Festival, WOMEX, Club Transmediale and Mundial.


Brooklyn Vegan Streaming New DEVIATED INSTINCT Album in Full

Wide-ranging music portal Brooklyn Vegan are now streaming DEVIATED INSTINCT’s new album,Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves, in its entirety!

Listen here:

The band recently endured a devastating setback when the van they are sharing with DRESDEN was robbed several days ago, but both bands have refused to give in and are still out there fighting. Those who wish to lend a hand are welcome to send donations and good wishes via Paypal (more info HERE).

After 22 years of deafening silence, UK crust punk godfathers DEVIATED INSTINCT have returned with a vengeance! The influential outfit just came off a decimating appearance at Maryland Death Fest X, and are on the road finishing up a tour with labelmates and like-minded punxDRESDEN (check below for remaining dates). Look for them at the Chaos in Tejas festival as well! Profane Existence are honored to present the band’s first brand new recording in decades – a four-track EP entitled Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves. The record will be released on various formats on June 10, 2012 and include a download card which includes a track from the same recording session for their split 7″ with SUMMON THE CROWS available on Nakkeskudd Plater, plus a special bonus track and full release artwork and booklet/lyrics
. The 12″ EP is pressed onto audiophile 180 gram black vinyl @ 45rpm for a full fat sound, and is limited to 300 copies. In keeping with the heavier black vinyl the artwork has been tweaked to give the sleeve a darker, more foreboding aura.

DEVIATED INSTINCT formed in 1984 and were a crucial pioneering band in the early British punk/metal scene. Along with bands like Antisect and Amebix, DI’s music has influenced legions of bands and helped to define the sound we know today as “crust”. Their long-awaited return, Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves, is everything fans have come to expect and more. This album features four songs of epic proportions that deftly bridge the gap between d-beat style crust and heavy metallic doom.


May 31st Minneapolis, MN @ The Medusa
June 2nd Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas

Hatfields & McCoys: Bad Blood (DVD)

The rivalry that was present between the Hatfields & McCoys has been the subject of countless different television shows and articles in the last few decades. However, there has not been the attention to detail or sheer scope captured in the same way as it has during Hatfields & McCoys: Bad Blood. This film sticks well to the time period in which it is set, and benefits considerably from a cast that includes Christian Slated, Perry King, and Jeff Fahey. The most eye-opening thing here has to be the violence which both families were prone; this is not the brawls that tend to flare up when groups live too close together. Christian Slater’s role as Governor Bramlette is utterly compelling; eir turn as the Governor showcases that even the force of a state was not enough to quell the discord sown by this conflict.

The special features that are present on this release are considerable; the commentary (done with the director, Fred Olen Ray) provides an additional amount of context to the events that are captured during this film. The stills gallery impart much of the film’s beauty into snapshots of the events; the Spanish subtitles are perfect for those audiences that may not have the best command of the English language.

If you would like to know more about the Hatfields and the McCoys, make it a point to purchase a copy of Bad Blood from your local entertainment retailer. The video print is absolutely gorgeous, while the 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio ensures that no line or utterance is lost. Give Bad Blood a view and check some of the books that were written about the subject; these families’ depravity knew no bounds.

Rating: 9.2/10

Hatfields & McCoys: Bad Blood (DVD) / 2012 Lionsgate / 90 Minutes /

THE SCUTCHES: New Full-Length Out Now

Ten Songs, Ten Years, the newest full-length from Long Island, NY’s The Scutches, is officially out this week from Bright & Barrow Records.

The album is available on digital and 12″ formats, with the latter being limited to 500 on translucent orange vinyl. As a special bonus, anyone who purchases the LP from the label will receive a free digital download of The Scutches 2007 debut full-length, Vinny Gets A Job. For more information, go here.

To celebrate the album’s release, Bright & Barrow and The Scutches have teamed up with to launch an exclusive full-length stream. To listen to to the record in its entirety, go here.

In related news, on June 14th, The Scutches will begin a tour in support of Ten Songs, Ten Years. The ten-day trek kicks off with the record release show at Lulu’s in Brooklyn and covers Montreal, Chicago and Philly, as well as a few other Midwest and East Coast shows. It’s also worth noting that the band will be opening for Teenage Bottlerocket, Nothington and Masked Intruder in NYC on August 22nd. Details are below and updates can be found here.

Influenced by the likes of pop-punk heavyweights such as The Queers and The Methadones – not to mention the sweet sounds of legends like Buddy Holly and Richie Valens – The Scutches has been the primary songwriting vehicle for Vincenzo Hoffer (guitar, bass, vocals) and Rich da Silva (drums, backup vocals) over the course of the last decade. Ten Songs, Ten Years is an virtual pop-punk classic in every way; from the instantly memorable choruses and undeniably infectious harmonies to the propulsive rhythm section that pushes along the blissful power-chord buzz of the guitars. The lyrics cover standard themes of love and heartbreak and just about everything in between, but Hoffer’s clever songwriting is delivered with just the right combination of sincerity and bite, keeping things interesting and fun throughout the album’s 26 minute run time. There’s nothing complicated about Ten Songs, Ten Years but that won’t keep this pop-punk gem it from finding a permanent spot in your collection next to other great records from the genre’s forefathers and contemporaries alike.


JUN 14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Lulu’s / Record Release Show w/ The Unlovables, Science Police, The Hellstroms
JUN 15 – Montreal, QC @ L’escogriffe
JUN 16 – Montreal, QC @ L’inspecteur Epingle
JUN 17 – Hamtrack, MI @ New Dodge Lounge
JUN 18 – Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
JUN 19 – Chicago, IL @ Liars Club
JUN 20 – Lima, OH @ Avalon Bar
JUN 21 – Gettysburg, PA @ Moose Park
JUN 22 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Farm
JUN 23 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
JUN 24 – Governors Island, NY @ Punk Island
AUG 22 – New York, NY @ Santos Party House w/ Teenage Bottlerocket, Nothington, Masked Intruder

Sin in Space – Asteroid Band (CD)

This band actually really named itself and this album well, as the music contained on it is really space, with jangling guitars and airy lyrics. This is not to be meant in a negative way, but really is just a description of the band. Think of pop-rock, and you might have an idea of what this act sounds like. Surf rock meets up with strains of indie rock and mid-90s popular rock to make a delightful, innocuous album without any discernible flaws. If you are an individual who misses the heyday of Matthew Sweet, the Tragically Hip, and the like, Sin in Space is a band for you, as they try their damnedest. One note about the CD, though, is the fact that some songs seem almost derivative of other, more popular songs, most specifically “Space Heater”, which has a chorus not unlike “Sledge Hammer” by Peter Gabriel.

SIX FEET UNDER: First Week Chart Numbers Revealed

Undead, the latest installment of audio brutality from death metal deviants SIX FEET UNDER, entered the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #5 upon its first week of release! In addition, Undead landed at at #30 on the Billboard Top Independent Album Chart, #22 on the Billboard Top Hard Music Albums Chart, #14 Billboard Top Current Albums Chart and #183 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart.

In Canada, the record ranked in at #34 on the Hard Music Chart, #199 on the Top 200 Current Albums Chart, #167 on the iTunes Top 200 Chart, #35 on the iTunes Rock Chart and #3 on the iTunes Metal Chart. Undead reaped additional praise in Germany entering the German Media Market/Saturn Album Charts at #56 and the German Media Control Trend Charts at #40.

Comments vocalist/death metal maverick Chris Barnes: “Thank you to all of our fans for embracing our new album Undead with such ravenous fervor! And to all at Metal Blade Records for their belief in the band all these years and all the hard work of everyone at the label! This marks the first time in SIX FEET UNDER’s career, as well as my own, that we have reached Billboard’s Top 200. It is proof positive that underground music and death metal is not dead and is still a force to be dealt with. A very special thanks to the decades of hate that spawned the focus that went into this album. Cheers! It’s 4:20, motherfucker!”

Crowned “the best thing SFU have recorded since Maximum Violence,” by Decibel, “an album on which this new level of musicianship adds value without tarnishing SIX FEET UNDER’s legacy of brutality,” by Outburn and simply a “kickass SIX FEET UNDER record,” by Revolver,  Undead was unleashed to North American ears via Metal Blade on May 22 and offers an updated lineup of Barnes alongside guitarist Rob Arnold (ex- Chimaira), longtime guitarist Steve Swanson (ex-Massacre), bassist Jeff Hughell (ex-Brain Drill, ex-Vile), and drummer Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Chimaira).
In conjunction with the record’s release, SIX FEET UNDER will embark on a near three-week run of live ceremonies next week. The 18 Nights Of Blood Tour will begin in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8. The band will be joined by newly recruited rhythm guitarist Ola Englund who takes the place of Rob Arnold. Support will be provided by Dying Fetus and Revocation.

SIX FEET UNDER 18 Nights Of Blood Tour 2012
w/ Dying Fetus, Revocation

6/08/2012 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
6/09/2012 Empire – Springfield, VA
6/10/2012 Palladium – Worcester, MA
6/11/2012 Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY
6/12/2012 Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH
6/13/2012 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
6/14/2012 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
6/15/2012 Harpo’s – Detroit, MI
6/16/2012 People’s Court – Des Moines, IA*
6/18/2012 The Gothic Theater – Denver, CO*
6/20/2012 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
6/21/2012 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
6/23/2012 The Metro – Oakland, CA
6/24/2012 The Whisky – Los Angeles, CA
6/25/2012 Rocky Point Cantina – Tempe, AZ
6/26/2012 House Of Rock – El Paso, TX
6/27/2012 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
6/29/2012 Crowbar – Tampa, FL* [new venue]

* – No Dying Fetus

Silverado – Self/Titled (CD)


Imagine if Jello Biafra was a female. That is what Silverado’s singer, Tracy Lemieux sounds like, and this band continues in the Dead Kennedys vein, attacking each song with an amazing sort of urgency. Screaming is the normal vocal mode for Tracy, and there aren’t any ballads, any slow songs, anything that detracts from the normal rock’n’roll style that opens up the disc. “The Hook”, a song presumably about the very wank-y style of the opening bars of the track, brings different, more experimental guitar lines to the act. Tracy’s solos during this song are what really add the most to the depth of the band, and make this CD something that I want to listen to over and over. While the recording on this disc is not the most clear I’ve ever heard, Tracy and the rest of Silverado don’t seem to mind, actually reveling in the murky sound, only at times cutting through the recording with a screeching line or drumbeat. “Stick of Death:”, while having a very interesting name, provides nothing new or innovative to the disc, and “No Opinion” only adds a brief, under-five second burst of gunfire drumming to a formula that has already gotten stale, like a donut if you leave it out for a night. If you are looking for a disc of punk tracks that just absolutely get one’s blood flowing and their toes tapping, this is the cd for you. If you want innovation and different sounding tracks, try to avoid this.

Top Track : The Hook


Rating : 5.9/10
Silverado – Self/Titled / 7 Tracks / 2000 / Self-Released / / / / 2631 W. Angusta 2R / Chicago, IL 60622

Ramona Falls In Minneapolis… Don’t Miss This!

06/05 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry*
06/06 – Chicago, IL – Schubas*
06/07 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom*
06/08 – Toronto, ON – Drake Hotel
06/09 – Montreal, QB – Petit Campus*
06/12 – Allston, MA – Great Scott*
06/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands*
06/14 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge*
06/15 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie*
06/16 – Washington, DC – Red Palace*
06/20 – Denver, CO – Hi-Dive
06/22 – Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge

& w/ Lotus Plaza
* w/ The Darcys


Like most of us, Brent Knopf watches a lot of YouTube videos, only he’s not watching kittens playing piano. Rather, his tastes err on the more experimental side of things—like people who attempt perpetual motion machines using magnets. “I love that they’re trying to harness an endless supply of energy,” says the Ramona Falls frontman, “and that they go against conventional wisdom in the hopes of true discovery.”

Which is exactly what Knopf did last year, when he decided to quit the acclaimed art rock trio Menomena and devote his time to one epic, personal vision. “False freedom is the ratification of pre-rigged choices,” the musician paraphrases the philosopher Noam Chomsky, “while true freedom is the agency to shape the choices themselves.” But as Knopf is learning now with a full-time focus on a former side project, freedom comes with greater risk. Prophet, the second Ramona Falls album, is sonically, lyrically and thematically brighter. It’s also more organic and personal than anything he ever contributed to Menomena, or as the singer/multi-instrumentalist explains, “it’s more of a rapid transit line between my sleeve and my heart.”

“With Ramona Falls I am exploring what I stand for which makes it more personal to me,” Knopf admits. “I’m less worried now about being made fun of, than I was before. I can now say things I believe in, and some people may think it’s stupid or cheesy…but that’s kind of fun. I would much rather speak from the heart than hide behind impenetrable obfuscation.”

That emotional honesty and creative fearlessness is certainly paying off. Prophet is an album that recalls the experimental beauty of Laughing Stock by Talk Talk, and the unabashed earnestness of his old labelmates Death Cab For Cutie. Knopf appreciates those highly regarded comparisons but when pressed for the true inspirations that fed into his overall vision, he cites Martin Gore of Depeche Mode’s dark chordal elements, a production style halfway between Tears for Fears and the Homosexuals, and lyrical themes that channel a dyslexic Jorge Luis Borges if he starred in Flowers for Algernon.

Recorded with bandmates Paul Alcott (drums, and also, ironically, Knopf’s replacement in Menomena), Matt Sheehy (guitar), and Dave Lowensohn (bass) and featuring guest appearances by four other friends, the stunning album begins with “Bodies of Water,” an emotive and rousing anthem about how intimacy bundles together both nourishment and peril. “Spore,” a heartfelt highlight of Prophet bears a substantive core: “I like the idea of someone refusing to feel lonely, despite how utterly alone they might actually be,” Knopf explains. “It’s a form of rebellion.” But the 11 tracks are not all exercises in introspective fragility; “Brevony” is Knopf’s most unleashed moment with gnarling guitars ambushing the listener at the chorus on all sides.

Prophet, the album’s title, is an homage to Knopf’s religious upbringing, a titular reference to a worldview that reveres exalted seers who assert meaning despite the chaos. But as the newly empowered songwriter has discovered with Ramona Falls, it’s a better strategy to embrace the chaos. And then refashion it into a beautiful noise.

Reggae Music Lives at First Friday of Florida

On Friday June 1st, 2012 First Fridays of Florida, LLC welcomes Gramps Morgan and the Dada Son Entertainment family to the Grand Palms Resort, 110 Grand Palms Drive in Pembroke Pines FL, the home of their monthly First Fridays event. Dada Son Entertainment has partnered with First Fridays to host the South Florida Album Release Party for Gramps Morgan new album, “REGGAE MUSIC LIVES”; this album features chart topping titles like The Almighty and Life Too Short.

This event will give the South Florida community an opportunity to socialize, meet and greet with Gramps and the Dada Son team. “We have been blessed to be promoting events in South Florida for over a decade and are honored to add Gramps Morgan to the list of recording artists that have visited our event. The consciousness of Gramps’ lyrics and the positive theme of this album fit well with First Fridays and the month of June which is Caribbean American Heritage Month.’’ said Tyrone G. Robertson, CEO – First Fridays of Florida, LLC.

In addition to hosting the “REGGAE MUSIC LIVES” Album Release Party for Gramps Morgan; this month’s First Fridays event features resident DJ Radcliffe, fresh from his tour of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Special Guest DK Karyzma, an up and coming cross-over DJ hailing from Kingston Jamaica. These DJs keep the First Fridays Party Zone jumping with the best variety of Top 40, R&B, Reggae, Soul, Dance Hall, Hip Hop, Soca and Oldies. First Fridays also features The Café, an outdoor setting showcasing a variety of foods including jerk chicken and jerk pork from Dino’s Jerk Joint and peppered shrimp, smoked salmon, stuffed crab and oysters from Ward’s Seafood Bar.


Founded in the year 2000, First Fridays was established to produce monthly events geared towards quality entertainment, social & business networking, cultural enrichment and community development. These events typically consists of networking followed by a cocktail reception which transforms into an energetic party with popular disc jockeys, featuring current musical hits and oldies from the Top 40, R&B, Reggae, Soca and other popular music genres.

Read more @


Gramps Morgan is set to make a major impact with his second album, Reggae Music Lives, demonstrating the prowess of this burly vocalist. A Soul Train Award nominee, Gramps launched an impressive solo career in 2009 with his debut 2 Sides of My Heart Vol. 1. The album spawned multiple hit singles and accolades including ‘Best Crossover Song’ for Therapy – a collaboration with India Arie; ‘Best Song’ for his self-produced composition, Wash the Tears; and clinched ‘Best New Entertainer’ as well as two awards for ‘Album of the Year’ in Jamaica and Canada.

Fast forward to 2012, Gramps is unleashing his second independent studio album on his own Dada Son Entertainment label. The album’s first single, The Almighty, topped the charts in South Florida and New York while Life Too Short, released on March 28th, advanced in the fight for justice in the case of Trayvon Martin. Consequently, team Dada Son decided to donate part of the sale proceeds to the family of the slain Florida teenager. Now after two years in the making, Reggae Music Lives arrives with inspiration, healing and Gramps’ determination to make positive changes in the world.

sisterpete – Demo (CD)

sisterpete-Demo CD-Extreme Records-A very professional sounding band, most likely coming from the 7+ years experience and bring a very interesting sound to the table, and as a comparison I can offer up Silverchair and Bus. sisterpete is a very socially conscious band that devotes time from their busy tour schedule to do shows with Make A wish foundation and Musicians Against Substance Abuse. They are not afriad to include their own viewpoints about popular culture, suicide, and many other issues that are high on the visibility list. The recording is on par with bands that are constantly in the limelight and Brandons vocals are clearly the driving part of the band. The guitars perfectly accent the vocals, providing a pallet for Brandon to paint the rich vocals onto. The drums play the smallest part of all the instruments in sisterpete, which is actually an advantage, as a more involved drumbeat would completely throw the general moode off and ruin the very original vibe that I get from sisterpete’s music. Visit these guys at , email their management at or call at 316.831.9954. I only hope I can review a full album by these guys, as I believe a 3 song album cannot do justice.