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There are a number of different fish oils on the market. Few of them are able to provide a high quality source for the different types of oils that one needs, but the Axis Labs Citrus Omega is able to do just that. There is no fishy flavor to this supplement, and one will be pleasantly surprised at the mild Citrus flavor that the pills do have. The softgels are perfect for those that would normally have a problem taking larger sizes of pills, while the amount needed for the supplement (two softgels two times a day) is far lower than similar products on the market.

Omega-containing supplements are essential for anyone that wishes to increasing their overall level of health. Whether one just rides the bike every once in a while or pumps iron every day, Axis Labs’ Citrus Omega should be the next omega product one purchases. The 2:1 ratio of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids will do wonders for the lubrication of joints and overall cognitive function. One that may be concerned about the amount of fat that is in the Citrus Omega will have these fears allayed by the 2% RDV presented in the supplement.

Check out the Axis Labs site for a listing of the variety of other products that they sell; one should be confident that they are receiving only the best, if their Citrus Omega is any indication.

Rating: 8.3/10

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