C-AKG Powder

There are many creatine-containing products on the market. However, the C-AKG powder produced by Olympian Labs is one that is head and shoulders above the pack. There are no other additions in this product, just Creatine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate. This ensures a certain purity to the product that is unheard of; one will be able to work in a scoopful of C-AKG Powder to the workout regimen, no matter what products one already uses. The AKG side of the C-AKG represents an amino acid that further spurs on muscle activity (growth); it also works as a pathway for the creatine to be absorbed by the body. It allows those that are lifting heavy to continue on punishing their body; the recovery afforded by C-AKG is simply impressive.

The amount of muscle that one gains from a bottle of C-AKG is considerable; take it alongside a proper amount of protein will pack on the lean stuff while keeping away DOMS. I like the fact that the Spartan approach to this supplementation places the cost of a C-AKG bottle well below that of other supplements on the market. One will be able to pick up a bottle for a hair over $10; this will allow individuals to reap the benefits of C-AKG a full 30 times before its end.

The product mixes perfectly with whichever liquid one places it in; there are no off-putting flavors or fake fruits to suffer through. Make sure to check out the Olympian Labs website for more information about their products; I believe that individuals will be able to find something that will benefit them, no matter their age, fitness, or overall workout regimen.

Rating: 8.6/10

C-AKG Powder / Olympian Labs, Inc. / http://www.olympianlabs.com

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