There has been indisputable evidence that EFA (essential fatty acids) should be added to the diet of anyone that is in the least concerned about their overall health. Max Muscle has an EFA-containing product in their Max EFA. This supplement contains Flaxseed, Wheat Germ, CLA, EPO, and Borage Seed Oils; each bottle of the Max EFA will give individuals a month’s work of supplementation. There is nothing in the way of aftertaste, while the softgels are sufficiently small to swallow without any sort of trouble.

This is not merely an Omega 3-containing product; Flaxseed provides Omega-3 and 6, while CLA and Evening Primrose oil both contain Omega 6. Research has shown that properly supplementing with EFAs can ensure normal hormone regulation. This is important for older individuals and bodybuilders alike; a proper amount of hormones can lead to lean muscle increases and a decrease in the overall breakdown of one’s body. I had particular success taking the Max EFA immediately after working out; it was able to decrease the amount of fatigue and DOMS that I would have in the few days immediately following a session.

I would suggest that individuals supplement with EFAs along with multi-vitamins, protein shakes, and amino acids. Do that and the sheer amount of gains that one will have will be unsurpassed; Max Muscle knows this and has made a top of the line product. Make sure to look at the Max Muscle site for more information about their product line, and why their products are head and shoulders above other efforts that are currently on the market. Buy their Max EFA from your local Max Muscle Nutrition Store (locate one at ).

Rating: 9.0/10

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