Paradise Recovered (DVD)


This film is a perfect film to watch in a youth group or other Christian praise organization. This is because it contains a solid moral base while pushing viewers towards properly restoring their relationship with Jesus. This is not what one expects from Christian movies – the cast and crew give it their all. One can tell that they believe in this movie, and I believe that this is the main reason that Paradise Recovered works so well. The actors here – Heather Wallis, Andrew Sensenig, and Dane Seth Hurlburt  – are on the cusp of fame. The roles that they turn in here should show viewers that they will be on the lips of Hollywood for years to come.

The cast and crew and the overall meaning brought to viewers during this film are not the only reason that this title is ultimately successful. I believe that this film loosely follows the story of the Good Samitaran and director Storme Wood marries this time-tested tale with utterly beautiful shots. Rather than merely acts as a backdrop, the different sets act in a narrative fashion. Taken all together, Paradise Recovered is a title that will have viewers sitting at the edges of their seat.

Check out Monarch’s website for information about their 2012 releases; they have been on a tear as of later. Purchase Paradise Recovered from any reputable online retailers; it will garner many plays as one shows it to friends, family, and anyone else that may need to have their faith bolstered. While Christian films usually do not have legs beyond their intended audience, the tale told here is tremendously interesting and works , no matter to whom one ends up showing this flick.

Rating: 8.7/10


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