Prawn Post Documentary Detailing Recording of Their Upcoming EP

NJ indie rockers Prawn head overseas today to start their European tour on May 21.

Check out a documentary that the band put together which includes footage of their time in the studio working on their upcoming EP as well as them getting ready for the tour. The video also gives a sneak peek at most of the new songs.

Prawn Documentary:

Prawn’s whole catalog is now available for a “pay what you want” price on their Bandcamp page at:  

Here’s a statement from the band:

“Holla. Over the past few months our best friend Scott Davis has been following us around and filming our every move. He compiled all the footage into a 12-minute documentary detailing the process of recording our new record and preparing for our first European/UK tour. If you want, we’ve included a donation link to help fund our tour for Europe. Any donations would greatly be appreciated and we’d be beyond thankful, but either way, we hope you enjoy the film.  ALSO from now until the end of August we made our albums ‘You Can Just Leave it all’ and ‘False Institutions’ pay-what-you-want on our Bandcamp ( There is NO minimum cost! Take care everyone.” – Prawn

Prawn’s EP was recorded and mixed by Greg Dunn of Moving Mountains and will be out July 17 on Topshelf Records.

Donation Link:

BandCamp Link:

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