Prototype 2 (Xbox 360)


The sheer action that is present in this title is astonishing, and it matches perfectly the bleeding-edge graphics that will cause a player’s television to struggle. The different side quests and main storyline will provide players with a good twenty hours of gameplay, while one can honestly feel as if they are Heller. The different weapons available to players have been properly differentiated – this is not a gun or melee weapon done ad nauseam.

In much the same way, the different quests that are available to players keep the game play fresh. One can utterly destroy a den of baddies, search out the various black boxes strewn through the city, and level up Heller’s weapon skills. This title succeeds in creating an immersive environment that players will want to come back to time and time again; this dystopian land seems stark and bare compared to the New York that we all know and love. This Bones / current sci-fi landscape will appease fans of the genre, while there are more than enough RPG elements to break this free from the rest of the action games on the market. While baddies become progressively easier as one levels up, I still feel that one will be challenged throughout.

Make it a point to pick up a copy of Prototype 2 today, as Activision has provided Radnet – this leaderboard gives players additional game play through the different challenges and other additional features that did not make the cut in the retail title. I believe that anyone that found themselves a fan of the original Prototype would do well to pick up a copy of Prototype 2; there are enough additions, tightening of graphics, and other googahs to keep players interested throughout the end of the spring.

Rating: 9.4/10

Prototype 2 (Xbox 360) / 2012 Activision /

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