Rookie Blue: The Complete Second Season (DVD Set)

Rookie Blue is one of the best cop dramas that we have reviewed. I believe that the dynamic between the different members of the force is further fleshed out with the episodes of the second season, and eOne has provided the box set for individuals that missed these episodes the first time. For those that have not watched the show, Rookie Blue is a tremendously tout bit of television that deftly weaves in hints of drama and action, all while imbuing the characters with a backstory and continual updates to that story.

Camille Sullivan (as Detective Jo Rosati) adds further depth to the interactions presented during the show. While each of the thirteen episodes allow the show to come full circle by the time the credits roll, I feel that there are considerable plot elements that are progressed through the whole of the season. As Luke and Jo work through their past, Andy and Swarek attempt to move together towards the future. The whole crew is shaken up during the final episode of the season, God’s Good Grace. This episode showcases that even those sworn to protect may fall victim to criminal behaviors.

There are a few addition featurettes to sink your teeth into with this release; there are a number of behinds the scenes pieces that showcase a more human side of the cast and crew. The quality of the DVD footage is superb, with the transfer easily being at the level of the original television airing. To round out the release, the audio track used here is crisp and clear, ensuring that viewers will not lose the slightest bit of dialogue Make sure to pick up the second season of Rookie Blue from eOne, and see the show when new episodes premiere when it is aired on May 24th.

Rating: 9.0/10

Rookie Blue: The Complete Second Season (DVD Set) / 2012 eOne / 550 Minutes /

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