Showbread – Age Of Reptiles (CD)


The picture of Showbread on the back of “Age Of Reptiles” gives little idea for what style of music will come forth during tracks like “Naked Lunch”. What ultimately results during the disc’s opening track is something that can only be called rock. There is more than a fair share of seventies-looking rock riffs, while Showbread aligns themselves with the general sound of acts like Buckcherry (although, with nothing near the same style of lyrics of a Buckcherry). The guitar solo that is placed towards the end of the track is the one reason that individuals have to make it through this track; this track, while strong, does not really act as a slam-dunk introduction for Showbread. “Pachycephalosaurus” is a track that slightly changes the overall approach of Showbread. In this song, more of a Monster Magnet meets The Network sound is what individuals should expect from Showbread.

The intense unity of guitars and synthesizers during this track allows Showbread to come forth with a sound that, while influenced by that of other acts, is purely their own. Another track of Showbread’s means that there is another shift in the band’s influences. This time, “Your Owls Are Hooting” mixes together AC/DC with Nine Inch Nails to create something that is hard-rocking, but with just a little industrial edge to things. Showbread has no limit to the styles of music that they can subsume and then promptly add to their overall sound on “Age of Reptiles”. The one thignt hat holds AShowbread back form the big time is that the tracks each have some minor flaw that slightly decreases the enjoyment that one can have from them.

Thus, while “Oh! Emetophobia” has one of the catchiest choruses on “Age of Reptiles”, the all-in shouting section of the second half of the track breaks too much with the established sound of the track and will be jarring to pretty much anyone that listens in. Showbread is able to come up with some high-octane rock tracks on “Age of Reptiles”, but the band needs to further refine their overall sound and re-work some of the tracks on this album before winning over a large segment of society. I like the band and am confident that the act will be able to modify their sound to the point that their next album will be nearly flawless in its outputs. Pick this up to compare it to the next album that Showbread comes out with.

Top Tracks: Dinosaur Bones, Your Owls Are Hooting

Rating: 4.8/10


Showbread – Age Of Reptiles / 2006 Tooth and Nail / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 12 November 2006

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