Sidewalk Slutz – S/T (CD)

True Punk, as this tape is markered, with a masking tape label. Recorded on a tape deck the quality isn’t the best, but the fury that the Slutz play is simply awesome. The bass parts during the first song “Anal Cunt…” are great, with a sense of raw urgency about then. These guys seem to have a sense of humor, as evidenced by the title of the songs and the subject matter. The songs that they chose to cover on this tape is first rate, as they cover both GG Allin and the Casualties. Songs seem to clock in maybe toward the short end of two minutes, and the rage so proudly exhibited at the beginning of the tape drives them through this awesome tape. “Drink, Fight, Fuck” is one of the most talented covers that I’ve heard in a decent amount of time, with strong guitars and the rendition of the vocals enough to have GG give the Slutz the middle finger of approval from beyond the grave. Side B has an entirely different volume from Side A. The Sidewalk Slutz have mastered the art of the extremely catchy chorus, a necessary component in each of their punk masterpieces. ”Boot Fuck That Fucker” has some of the best guitar lines on this tape, and more bands need to be like this. The Slutz had the balls to record their music for the sheer fun of it, instead of only caring how their songs sound and wasting time, money and talent just for that more friendly sound. KKKK has another interesting guitar riff, this time with more of a country twanginess. Email them at, snail them at Greg Hatt, 9 Donald Crt, Dartmouth NS, B2W 4AE or call at 902-435-7569.

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