Silent Civilian – Rebirth of the Temple (CD)

The drums that start off “Rebirth of the Temple” are tied to a heavy, deep brand of chanting. Imagine if the soundtrack from Xena was mixed with a tribal beat and the Benedictine monks. That is how the opening selection “Call To Arms” starts off the disc, before Silent Civilian starts off the meaty side of the disc with “Funeral”. The track is a blend of classic metal a la Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Queensryche, while drums a la Sepultura and all the bands that followed their lead. The production present on “Rebbirth of the Temple” is something that acts like Dragonforce should have.

Every single nuance of Silent Civilian’s musical stylings are shown for all to hear; the band brings an unmitigated brand of fury into living rooms and cars with their “The Song Remains Un-Named”. A number of the tracks on this album may have the same starting point, but unlike hack acts like Avenged Sevenfold and the like, Silent Civilian is able to throw in curveballs and different arrangements through the entirety of “Rebirth of the Temple”. Most interesting during “The Song Remains Un-Named” is a Linkin Parks meets Evans Blue type of nu-rock chorus; while it would not seem to fit, Silent Civilian has the chops to make it a seamless addition to the track.

Another note one needs to make with this track is that it nearly reaches the six minute mark and there is nothing in the way of strain or weakness shown by the act. The track blasts through the finish line and laps the rest of the haggard runners on the track. So many music dorks complain about when an album is pushed to the red line, “to make it louder”; I have little doubt that the producer of this album did not even need to do this, as the band is naturally that loud. Silent Civilian is a progressive metal band for the rest of society, and why the band has succeeded where so many of these other progressive metal acts haven’t is because of the inclusion of more marketable types of metal. The best track on “Rebirth of the Temple” has to be “Lies in the House of Shame”; it perfectly exemplifies the blend of styles that Silent Civilian create on “Rebirth of the Temple” to ensnare listeners of all stripes, as well as being an intense piece of metal fury.

Top Tracks: Lies in the House of Shame, Funeral

Rating: 7.1/10


Silent Civilian – Rebirth of the Temple
Silent Civilian – Rebirth of the Temple / 2006 Mediaskare / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 12 July 2006

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