Silverado – Self/Titled (CD)


Imagine if Jello Biafra was a female. That is what Silverado’s singer, Tracy Lemieux sounds like, and this band continues in the Dead Kennedys vein, attacking each song with an amazing sort of urgency. Screaming is the normal vocal mode for Tracy, and there aren’t any ballads, any slow songs, anything that detracts from the normal rock’n’roll style that opens up the disc. “The Hook”, a song presumably about the very wank-y style of the opening bars of the track, brings different, more experimental guitar lines to the act. Tracy’s solos during this song are what really add the most to the depth of the band, and make this CD something that I want to listen to over and over. While the recording on this disc is not the most clear I’ve ever heard, Tracy and the rest of Silverado don’t seem to mind, actually reveling in the murky sound, only at times cutting through the recording with a screeching line or drumbeat. “Stick of Death:”, while having a very interesting name, provides nothing new or innovative to the disc, and “No Opinion” only adds a brief, under-five second burst of gunfire drumming to a formula that has already gotten stale, like a donut if you leave it out for a night. If you are looking for a disc of punk tracks that just absolutely get one’s blood flowing and their toes tapping, this is the cd for you. If you want innovation and different sounding tracks, try to avoid this.

Top Track : The Hook


Rating : 5.9/10
Silverado – Self/Titled / 7 Tracks / 2000 / Self-Released / / / / 2631 W. Angusta 2R / Chicago, IL 60622

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