Sin in Space – Asteroid Band (CD)

This band actually really named itself and this album well, as the music contained on it is really space, with jangling guitars and airy lyrics. This is not to be meant in a negative way, but really is just a description of the band. Think of pop-rock, and you might have an idea of what this act sounds like. Surf rock meets up with strains of indie rock and mid-90s popular rock to make a delightful, innocuous album without any discernible flaws. If you are an individual who misses the heyday of Matthew Sweet, the Tragically Hip, and the like, Sin in Space is a band for you, as they try their damnedest. One note about the CD, though, is the fact that some songs seem almost derivative of other, more popular songs, most specifically “Space Heater”, which has a chorus not unlike “Sledge Hammer” by Peter Gabriel.

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Author: James McQuiston

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