Starhawk (Sony Playstation 3) Review


Fans of Warhawk will be pleased to know that the strengths of the previous title are ratcheted up for Starhawk, ensuring an immersive and fun experience. For those that have not played Warhawk, it is an eclectic title that brings forth strategy elements to a third-person shooter game. The chaos that can occur with a multiplayer game is substantial, as up to 32 players can all seek and destroy on a battlefield. Starhawk features outer space colonialism as its trope; this allows the developers (LightBox Interactive and SCE Santa Monica).

I believe that the single-player missions will provide all the training one needs to become a competitive player on the multiplayer side of things. The co-operative mode does much of the same for those that have yet to play multiplayer; the division of labor aspect to a two-player game lays the foundation for successful team play. The team play does well in providing players with enough in the way of customization. When I was playing multiplayer, I felt a certain camaraderie that simply is not present in other titles with an online multiplayer component.

The title itself pushes the PS3’s graphics to the breaking point; I was astounded at their ability not just to create a realistic environment in which to fight, but at the overall clarity and intuitiveness of the menu system.  Starhawk is a rare title that does everything right, something that is even more impressive when players are essentially being provided with three distinct elements of game play. Make sure to pick up a copy of Starhawk today, either for yourself or as a present for friends and family.

Rating: 9.2/10

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