T.O.N.E-z – Sittin’ In My Room (CD Single)


Sittin’ In My Room is a track that has so much soul to it that listeners will immediately be singing along. The track has it all, whether it is a solid production, a hot flow, or an instrumentation that properly highlights all points of T.O.N.E-z’s output. Where the lyrical content of a great many rap songs are lost in the mix of red-lined synths and guitars, I feel that the track is able to hit on all cylinders. This is because T.O.N.E-z comes forth with an utterly unique style, all while touching upon a radio-friendly sound and an earworm-like hook. I admit that I was not familiar with T.O.N.E-z before picking up this track, but I have a feeling that he will be breaking big in the months and years to come. If you find yourself to be a rap fan of any sort, make it a point to buy Sittin’ In My Room and his latest album, High Voltage. I honestly wonder where T.O.N.E-z will go with his next single, but I am sure that whatever comes out will be utter gold. Check him out today.

Rating: 8.5/10


T.O.N.E-z – Sittin’ In My Room (CD Single) / 2012 Self / 1 Track /

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