True Blood – The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)

Vampires: check; Werewolves and Werepathers: check; Shape shifters and Fairies: Check. The only supernatural group really missing from True Blood was witches and season four trots them out en mass.


Since 2008, Alan Ball and his team of writers have been upping the ante on what to expect from this Vampire soap opera. A slew of imitators have come and gone over the years, but True Blood continues to shock the hell out of viewers every summer and ratchets up the addiction factor with each new season.


In season four, out now on DVD, the show continues down that dark country road in backwoods Louisiana with a brilliant mix of comedy, horror, drama and sex. The focus of these latest episodes is on a witch tortured lifetimes ago by vampire priests during the Spanish Inquisition. The understandably pissed witch is unintentionally summonsed by a group of local wiccans and starts to extract her revenge on everything in town with pointy teeth pitting many in the small town of Bon Temps against each other.


Meanwhile the local sheriff is hooked on vampire blood, his deputy Jason Stackhouse is kidnapped and raped by a pack of horny inbred female panther people and… come on, do I really have to say anything else to get you to watch?


Can’t wait to see what gets unleashed in season five, starting back up on HBO this summer.

True Blood – The Complete Fourth Season/5 DVDs/720 mins./HBO Studios/2012

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