VPX – Protein Rush! RTD Chocolate Rush Powder

This effort by VPX may just be the best protein that we have reviewed for NeuFutur. The chocolate flavoring tastes like a liquefied chocolate bar, while its overall miscibility is unparalleled. While one typically will have to deal with protein chunks in their shaker, each drink made with VPX Protein Rush! is silky smooth. One will be able to pound these in work, at the gym, or any time that one has an urge for anything sweet. The building up of muscle and removal of fat makes this a must-have protein.

This is not your father’s protein, either. This is because VPX has created a unique product that unites whey protein isolates alongside casein. By providing faster and slower-digested proteins, VPX ensures that lean muscle will not be catabolized. The Protein Rush is the first 10-stage protein on the market (other brands promote their 6-stage efforts); this means that along with the aforementioned proteins, there are proteins from egg whites, whey protein, hydrolysates (both whey and casein) and L-Leucine. L-Leucine is an amino acid that has been shown to provide what individuals need in a better fashion than other amino acids on the market. Taken all together, VPX’s Protein Rush is the last protein that individuals should need.

The Protein Rush! powder comes in Cookies & Cream and Vanilla Dream flavors, for those that may not be the biggest fans of the Chocolate flavor. The VPX Sports websites has considerable information about their other product lines and those efforts that have yet to be released this year. Those whom are serious about their overall fitness should pick up a stack or two (I’d personally recommend linking Protein Rush! with either their pre-workout Friction or their Redline Xtreme Shot Xtreme).

Rating: 9.6/10

VPX – Protein Rush! RTD Chocolate Rush Powder / Protein / http://www.vpxsports.com

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